Boys vs. Girls is an animated adventure comedy

For kids ages 5 – 12

Produced in FHD

The format is 1 x 22′ ep, 38 x 22′ ep (in development).
International rights and character licensing available.

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meet the characters

  • Boys vs. Girls: Scout Boys vs. Girls: Scout


    She graduated top of her class from Constellation Academy and is an ace pilot. She’s unafraid to explore the furthest reaches of the Solar System and has a keen tactical – and practical – mind.

  • Boys vs. Girls: Soldier Boys vs. Girls: Soldier


    He’s a great pilot with great hair and can be a bit absent-minded. What the Boys don’t know is that Soldier is secretly pals with Scout… his opposite number on the Girls’ side.

  • Boys vs. Girls: Pinkcess Boys vs. Girls: Pinkcess


    Pinkcess is the commander of the Star Corps base on Venus. And make no mistake – she takes the command part very seriously. Pinkcess is an uber-Type A personality and chronic overachiever.

  • Boys vs. Girls: The General Boys vs. Girls: The General

    The General

    He’s the serious face of keeping the Solar System safe. When not inspecting the troops or flying in to save the day, he can usually be found watching the sing-along versions of cartoon musicals.

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